Think On Your Thoughts is not meant to be another thirty-day devotional book of quotes or positive affirmations for daily excitement. The intention of this book is to have you identify belief systems, habits, and cycles that are placing a lid and ceiling of containment over your self-development and ability to enlarge your sphere of influence. Given the opportunity and the latitude to maneuver, what do you have an aptitude to be excellent in? Knowing that you have this natural genius within you means that you are in control of determining where to make your opportunity and you don’t have to wait for permission, you hold the power of giving yourself the permission to be as excellent as you choose with your genius.

I want you to not be excited about a positive quote or affirmation but implement it and live it and not just be excited about the idea of it. I prefer that you correct incorrect habits and belief systems for you to be excited about the days of your life and not a day here and a day there. The more intentionality you direct towards what thoughts you think on will ultimately alter your decisions, your actions, patterns, habits, lifestyle, and your outcomes. Attempting to rearrange your circumstances will not change your trajectory. The thoughts you think on and the decisions you give animation to are the determiners of your trajectory.